Core Program Areas- AfriChild Center Makerere

Generation Of Research Evidence -

In the last five years, our approach to research focused on capacity development for researchers and primary research to deepen understanding on particular issues. AfriChild in collaboration with key agencies spearheaded the development of a child-focused national policy research agenda to guide the focus of research, and ensure that the evidence generated was relevant to facilitatingachievement of national objectives relevant tochild wellbeing.

Increased Uptake and Use Of Research Evidence In Policy Making and Practice

LESSONS LEARNED (2015-2020) 1. Development and dissemination of policy briefs does not guarantee that issues get on the policy agenda. Ongoing engagement of policymakers is required to facilitate use of research evidence. 2. Integration of a monitoring and evaluation mechanism is necessary to assess progress and follow up on the use of evidence in policy and practice. 3. The AfriChild Centre needs to align its research dissemination and uptake strategy to the needs and agendas of policy actors. 4. Selection of NGO partners requires consideration of their capacity and willingness to commit for sustainability.

Organisational Capactiy

The AfriChild Centre will work towards strengthening resources and reforming systems to ensure seamlessand efficient organizational processes.We will ensure that governance frameworks and administrative support required to efficiently and effectively implement the strategic plan are available.The organization will attract and retain fit-for-purpose talent to deliver the anticipated results; continuous investment will be made to develop the human resources to ensure motivation and retention.AfriChild will develop and implement a fundraising strategy, and integrate a financial management system that ensures efficient use of resources,for maximum impact andsustainability. We will developand integrate a Monitoring,Evaluation, Accountabilityand Learning (MEAL) systemas a major tool for continuousimprovement and learning frominterventions.