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    Pilot Trial Of Good School Toolkit For Secondary Schools To Resume Following Return Of S.3 And S.5 Students

24 apr

Pilot Trial Of Good School Toolkit For Secondary Schools To Resume Following Return Of S.3 And S.5 Students

The pilot Randomized Control Trial, a collaboration between the
The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine | LSHTM
Raising Voices (implementers) and The AfriChild Centre has resumed following S.3 and S.5 students returning to school in the ongoing phased re-opening of education institutions by the government. 

When COVID-19 broke out last year, the government closed all learning institutions, one of the measures to curb the virus. This move left 15 million children out of school and brought the GST-S study to a halt. 

Mathew Amollo, a Research Manager at AfriChild noted that before the study came to a halt, the study team had engaged with eight schools in Kampala and Wakiso.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and closure of schools impacted our progress. Many of the activities were put on hold but, the phased opening of schools after one year demonstrates the resilience and commitment of this country to develop our young generation,” Mathew noted. 

Currently, Raising Voices is training teachers and undertaking school-wide implementation activities in the intervention schools. The implementation activities will be the basis of evaluating the GST-S pilot Trial in Secondary Schools.

The Good School Toolkit, developed by Raising Voices, promotes learning in schools by making the school climate conducive for teachers and learners. 

In the GST-S study, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Raising Voices and The AfriChild Centre based at Makerere University seek to adapt the Toolkit for use in secondary schools. This follows a successful implementation of the Good School Toolkit in Primary schools.


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