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    AfriChild Staff Complete 3-Day Change Management Training

24 apr

AfriChild Staff Complete 3-Day Change Management Training

AfriChild staff completed a three-day change management training facilitated by the CBLI Centre, a leading capacity building and leadership training organisation based in Tanzania. Ms. Dolygene Anyana, a consultant at CBLI facilitated the training which took place at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Kampala.

The goal of the training was to enhance efficiency and effectiveness within AfriChild by creating a winner mentality among staff.

“Staff have to understand how the organisation is operating, what gaps exist, and what we need to put in place to get to the desired future,” Ms. Anyana told the staff during training.

“A change in mindset and adoption of an operational culture that is supportive and upholds the values of the organisation will propel AfriChild to its desired goals,” Ms. Anyana added.

Currently, AfriChild is in the final stages of developing its new Strategic Plan (2021-2026). The new plan will guide the direction the institution takes in the next five years.

Speaking at the meeting, Timothy Opobo, Executive Director, AfriChild, called on staff to espouse the values of teamwork, commitment and leadership so that AfriChild can continue shining as a Centre of Excellence in child-focused research not only in Uganda but the entire region and continent.

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