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Category: Policy Priorities
pdf.png National child focused policy research agenda HOT


This research agenda represents a real opportunity for the Government of Uganda to establish a systematic approach to generating a timely and constant flow of rigorous research to inform policy discussions and decisions and to advocate for sustained and cost-effective investments in children at national and sub-national level.
As a guiding document for research on children it is hoped that this agenda will result in the generation of further evidence on the various dimensions of the multiple deprivations experienced by children in Uganda. Availability of more and relevant data will help overcome some of the challenges faced in producing the recent Situation Analysis of Children in Uganda (2015). In line with identified national priorities for children and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, it will be instrumental in stimulating positive change for children while working towards the eradication of child poverty and fostering children’s well-being and social inclusion.
I thank and congratulate my colleagues, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBoS), the AfriChild centre, UNICEF, and everyone who contributed to the development of this national child-focused policy research agenda.